Sintered Thrust Washer Bearings: How They Work for Seamless Stability

Discover the world of sintered thrust washer bearings! Learn how these metal marvels provide exceptional stability and longevity in various applications. Sintered thrust washer bearings are a crucial component in various engineering applications, ensuring seamless stability and smooth movement. These bearings are designed to handle axial or thrust loads, providing a reliable solution for high-performance […]

Why Sintered Glacier Bearings are Essential for Industrial Equipment

Discover why sintered Glacier bearings are essential for industrial equipment. Learn about the benefits of powder metallurgy over metal injection moulding. When it comes to critical components like bearings, choosing the right material and manufacturing process can make all the difference in ensuring your equipment operates smoothly and efficiently. At PM Distributors, we specialise in […]

Metric Flanges: Sintered for Durability and Efficiency

Explore the durability and efficiency of sintered metric flanges, optimising engineering system performance. Call PM Distributors now to learn more! Flanges play a crucial role in connecting and sealing piping systems in engineering and industrial applications. These essential components ensure reliable and secure connections, facilitating the smooth flow of fluids or gases. Among the various […]

Cylindrical Roller Bearings: The Workhorses of Heavy-Duty Machinery

Uncover the reliability of cylindrical roller bearings in heavy-duty machinery. Available at PM Distributors, power industries with durability and precision. Cylindrical roller bearings are essential components that can benefit heavy-duty machinery in terms of performance and reliability. These workhorses of industry can provide great help in various applications, from mining and construction to manufacturing and transportation. The […]

Sintered Bronze Hollow Bars: A Sustainable Option for Modern Manufacturing

Discover the sustainability of sintered bronze hollow bars by PM Distributors in modern manufacturing. Invest in these solutions without affecting quality. The manufacturing industry is increasingly seeking sustainable components like sintered bronze hollow bars to ensure environmental concerns can be prevented. These hollow bars have emerged as a pioneering solution, offering eco-friendly options for a […]

K-Coupling Supply from PM Distributors: Eliminating Misaligned Connections

Eliminate misaligned connections with K-Coupling supply from PM Distributors. Explore the properties of these solutions for seamless industrial operations. The operation of machinery and equipment can be maintained optimally if they are equipped with the right K-Coupling supply. Without K-Couplings, the connections of these things may be misaligned, hindering performance and leading to costly downtime. […]

Self-aligning Bearings: Fortifying Systems Against Vibration and Shock Loads

Bolster system stability and longevity with self-aligning bearings from PM Distributors. Discover their remarkable resilience against vibration and shock loads. Self-aligning bearings are remarkable components known for their ability to fortify systems against vibration and shock loads. They are designed to bolster system stability and longevity, guaranteeing functions and benefits that different applications can fully […]

Indian Brass Powder for Powder Metallurgy Components

Know the properties of Indian brass powder and how PM Distributors use it to generate powder metallurgy components. Call us at +61 (3) 9794 5817 today. Powder metallurgy components are being utilised in many industries today due to their outstanding characteristics. They are mostly known for being durable, reliable, and long-lasting. They are also cost-efficient, […]