A Comparison between Sintered Metal Components and Other Types of Components

Many equipment pieces, devices, and other products today are often comprised of different metal components. Subsequently, these metal components are made from various processes, which allow them to boast different characteristics and qualities. Some of these metal components can be made from the powder metallurgy process. Others, alternatively, can be processed out of forging or […]

Powder Metallurgy: Is it Really Sustainable?

A wide array of processes and techniques are available today in processing different materials. But when it comes to metal powders, the powder metallurgy process is known to be the dominant way of turning these powders into something very useful. Powder metallurgy covers a wide range of processes that generate parts and components out of […]

Common Benefits and Applications of Hollow Bars

Hollow bars can be produced in two ways. The first way to process hollow bars is to send a drill through a solid bar material. This process can be effective in maintaining accurate part dimensions, which can be very useful for critical applications. Another process in creating hollow bars is centrifugal casting. During this process, […]

Sintering and Melting Metals: What are the Differences?

Metals are often used in creating a lot of products in various industries. Some of the most common industries that maximise metal materials include agriculture, automotive, construction, electronics, medical, power generation, and transportation. Tools, machines, appliances, and other equipment pieces are now made from different types of metals due to their accompanying features and qualities. […]

Can Metal Powders Be Blended or Mixed During Sintering Process?

Sintering is a heat treatment process that can effectively provide notable benefits to different sintered parts and components. When done successfully, this process can effectively reduce porosity, provide strength, and improve electrical and thermal conductivity. All the benefits of the sintering process have been maximised by different sectors such as automotive, aerospace, construction, and electrical […]