What You Should Know About PV Rating of Bearings

Bearings have been very useful for many pieces of equipment and devices. For one, bearings help them reduce friction whenever their parts or components rotate. Additionally, they are intended to protect the part that supports the rotation. Even the positioning of the rotating shaft is maintained through bearings. With these hardware devices, industries are guaranteed […]

Principles of Sintering and Sinter Hardening

Sintering and sinter hardening are processes that can transform metal powder into useful components for different uses and industries. Typically, a press with a die that takes the shape of the final component is used to place and compact metal powder. Once the powder is compacted, it is subsequently subjected and placed under a high-temperature […]

An Overview about Sintered Components’ Basic Manufacturing Process

Several industry sectors maximise the features and properties of sintered components. Components that have undergone the sintering process are known to be more durable and possess excellent mechanical characteristics and complex geometries. They are also cheaper than other products. All these benefits make sintered components to be perfect for product assemblies. Basic Elements of Sintered […]

Creating Metal Parts with Powder Metallurgy

A lot of manufacturers and metal fabricators are utilising the capabilities of different fabrication processes and methods in creating metal parts and components. Most of these processes, however, are part and under the category of powder metallurgy that has gained popularity over the years due to its associated capabilities, benefits, and applications. Overview of Powder […]