Creating Metal Parts with Powder Metallurgy

A lot of manufacturers and metal fabricators are utilising the capabilities of different fabrication processes and methods in creating metal parts and components. Most of these processes, however, are part and under the category of powder metallurgy that has gained popularity over the years due to its associated capabilities, benefits, and applications. Overview of Powder […]

Sintered Aluminium Powder Properties

The properties of alloys that are processed from sintered aluminium power (SAP) are different compared to other materials. The oxide on these alloys’ surface, which forms during sintering, does not reduce back to the materials. As a result, a huge amount of oxide retains on the surface of these alloys, allowing them to produce high […]

Properties and Uses of Zinc Metal Powder

Zinc powder is a pale blue dark hued, unadulterated metal powder. It is delivered when cleansed fumes of zinc are consolidated. A portion of its attributes are steady quality, improved yields and speedy response time. Zinc powder is used for a wide range of purposes in different fields. It’s imperative to get familiar with this […]

What are the Advantages of Using Sintered Bronze Bushings?

Sintered bronze bushings play out a fundamental job in numerous applications. The grinding dissolving parts self-grease up, they require little support, and they’re financially evaluated. Presently, we’ve just portrayed the ointment impregnation process in some detail. In order to dig deeper on what sintered bronze bushings really are, below are their advantages. Sintered Bronze Bushings […]

What are Porous Metal Bearings?

Porous-metal bearings are utilised broadly in instruments and general apparatus, in which their self-greasing up attributes and burden conveying capacity is entirely alluring. When appropriately structured, they can be both prudent and profoundly utilitarian. Their assembling technique comprises of briquetting the metal powder blends to the best possible thickness. In this manner, they are sintered […]

An Overview about Sintered Porous Metal Bearings

If you think about it, sintered porous metal bearing is the birth child of the powder-metallurgy technology. They are considered as an advantageous addition to the manufacturing and production industry because they are extremely cost-effective, versatile, fast-paced and precise which ultimately results in high-production rates wherever they’re used. Know more about sintered porous metal bearings […]

Modern Sintering Technology and Its Effects on Microstructure of Metals

Numerous manufacturing businesses have been utilising sintering technology as a way of fabricating a solid mass of materials and products. Sintering technology involves the process of compacting and forming materials with the help of thermal treatment, which is also crucial for processing ceramic and powder metallurgical. Unlike other processes, this specific technology does not involve […]