Understanding Sintered Cylindrical Roller Bearings

December 7, 2020

Bearings are designed to limit the relative motion of parts to the desired motion. They are also intended to reduce friction as well as any damages that may occur between two or more moving parts. To date, there are various types of bearings available that can fit in specific applications, which are determined by the type of operation, allowed motions, and directions of the forces present on concerned parts.

One type of bearings that are being utilised by numerous industries today is sintered cylindrical roller bearings. These bearings are known to be the simplest and most cost-effective type of sintered bearings available today. Sintered cylindrical roller bearings are often used in applications that have limited space.


Sintered cylindrical roller bearings are normally pressed in with a mandrel to obtain optimal alignment. The pressing in with a mandrel also allows the bearings to avoid damages to their surfaces. Most of these bearings are applied with commercially available lubricants but can also be incorporated with customised and special ones. What makes these bearings great is that they often have high radial load capacity and can effectively work in small and tight spaces under high speeds.

The rings found on most sintered cylindrical roller bearings are separable. However, there are a few of them that do not have any ribs on either the inner or outer ring, allowing the rings to move axially relative to one another. Other sintered cylindrical roller bearings, alternatively, have two ribs on either the inner or outer rings and one rib on the other. These bearings have the capacity to take some axial load in one direction. All these bearings are created through pressed steel or machined brass cages.


Sintered cylindrical roller bearings have a wide array of benefits and advantages over other types of bearings. For one, they are known to perform optimally and reliably due to their overall formation, composition, and material. They can also be fabricated with custom and specialised shapes, dimensions, materials, and lubricants that are suitable for unique and one-of-a-kind applications. And since these bearings are customised, they are ensured to be tested so they can work effectively.

As for their performance, sintered cylindrical roller bearings can carry a higher radial load compared to other bearings due to their unique shape and form factor. They likewise have a slightly greater length than the diameter, allowing them to work at faster speeds and accommodate axial displacement compared to other types of bearings. And with their features, they can easily work under vibratory applications.


All these features and benefits of sintered cylindrical roller bearings allow them to work in motors and components that have limited available space. They are also utilised and assembled in electric motors. Some more parts and components that can benefit from these bearings include gearboxes, wind turbines, machine tool, material handling equipment, pumps, and steel mills.

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