How to Choose the Most Suitable K-Coupling® for Your Application?

Manufacturers and other industries often maximise small yet vital components to ensure that their machines, devices, and other assemblies are built and aligned optimally. One component that many of them utilise today is K-Coupling®. K-Coupling® is a compact component made from double-loop ELASTACAST® polyurethane elastomeric material. It is built with zinc plated steel hubs, which […]

Common Types of Metal Powders and their Uses

When it comes to parts and products, industries such as automotive, electronics, and material processing turn to those that are made from metal powders. Metal powders, after all, can effectively generate parts and products that boast simple to complicated form factors. The use of metal powders in creating these things can make the overall production […]

A Review on Sintered Bushings and How They Work

A lot of systems take advantage of bushings’ capabilities. Bushings are mechanical elements that allow two system parts to move without getting affected by vibration. They basically minimise the friction between rotating shafts and stationary support members and prevent system damages. Bushings are mostly shaped in cylindrical form, boasting some flexible materials inside a metallic […]

All the Primary Benefits and Drawbacks of the Powder Metallurgy Process

Powder metallurgy is a manufacturing process that utilises powdered metal in creating the needed products by other industries. This specific process can be done in four basic steps. The first step involves the production of powdered metals. Metal materials can be converted into powder through atomisation, grinding, chemical reaction, or electrolysis process. Once the powdered […]