Common Powder Metallurgy Parts and Their Markets

February 28, 2020

Different manufacturers have been producing numerous metal parts and components out of powder metallurgy processes. Powder metallurgy is a technique that involves the compression of elemental metallic powder into the desired shape. Consequently, the compressed metallic powder is then heated at a temperature below its melting point.

The parts out of powder metallurgy can fall into one of the four categories that are present today. Each category has its own unique design considerations and specifications.


Many automotive industries have been using powdered metal gears as a primary part of important assemblies. The switch from the traditional fabrication of gears to powder metallurgy stems from the fact that powdered metal gears are cheaper to produce. Moreover, the wastes from manufacturing powdered metal gears are greatly reduced compared to the old fabrication process.

Another great thing about powder metal gears is that they are lightweight. This specific property of gears comes from the gears’ porous composition. The porous property of powdered metal gears also makes them self-lubricating as oil can easily impregnate the surface.

Powdered metal gears are mostly found on engine parts, which include sprockets and pulleys, gear shift components, oil pump gears, and turbocharger systems.


Powder metallurgy can naturally manufacture bearings out of powdered metal. Some common examples of bearings out of powder metallurgy include plain bearings, flanged bearings, spherical bearings, and thrust washers.

When you use powdered metal bearings, you must heavily consider some elements of the operating environment. Elements like external lubrication, cooling, and hardened shafts can increase tolerable loads. Some factors, however, that can decrease tolerable loads of bearings include repeated start-stop operations, reciprocating motion, high speed, shock loads, and extreme temperatures.

Bearings are frequently used in different office equipment. Photocopiers, fax machines, printers, and paper-making machines have been utilising powdered metal bearings to perform basic functions like printing, faxing, scanning, and many more. Appliances like washing machines, tumble driers, and food processors also use bearings to keep everything working. Bearings can also be used in automotive industries.


Powdered metal bushings come from a wide variety of sizes and shapes. They are also known as plane bearings as they have no rolling elements. There are two types of bushings: SAE841 and SAE863. SAE841 offers off-the-shelf availability of straight bushings, flanged bushings, thrust washers, and bar stock that can fit shaft diameters of 1/8” to 5”. SAE863, on the other hand, has a high iron content which allows 50% greater PSI capacity than the previous type of bushing.

Bushings can be used in automotive industries. They can be used in connecting rods, main bearing caps, timing system components, door hatch and lock mechanism, starter motor components, and hydraulic pump parts. Home equipment and tools also use bushings. Lawnmowers, tractors, chain saws, copy machines, air conditioners, and others use powdered metal bushings.

Powder metallurgy parts are helpful in a lot of industries in the market right now. Parts out of metallurgy parts can greatly reduce yield losses in manufacture and ultimately lowers overall costs. So, if you want to have your own powder metallurgy parts, then you may contact us now at PM Distributors.

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