The Popularity of Aluminium-based Powders in Powder Metallurgy

Powder metallurgy converts metals like aluminium and others into metal powders to generate components and products needed by various industries. It involves compacting metals into powders under high pressure and sintering them at high temperatures. This process can provide tons of advantages over traditional manufacturing processes. One, it can effectively generate flexible designs. It can […]

Primary Advances in the World of Powder Metallurgy

Primary advances in powder metallurgy and powder metals allow parts and components needed by various industries to become more complex yet more useful. Metal powders are materials often utilised today in creating and manufacturing parts and components for different industries. The process of producing metal products out of metal powders is known today as powder […]

Green Strength and Its Importance in Powder Metallurgy

Metals can undergo a wide variety of processes to generate the needed parts and prototypes for various industries. One of the processes that can be applied to metals is powder metallurgy. Powder metallurgy is a manufacturing process that involves transforming metals into metal powders, compacting and shaping the said powders, consolidating and fusing them with […]

5 Facts about Powder Metallurgy and Its Processes

Industries can usually choose from a wide range of materials in manufacturing parts and products they would need for their operations. Some of these materials are metals, plastics, timbres, and synthetic elements. But one distinct material that more and more industries maximise today is metal powder. Metal powders come from solid metal materials that have […]