Powder Metallurgy: A Green and Sustainable Technology

Let’s flip the page on the P/M process. On that would-be cover page, powder metallurgy produces parts that are porous and self-lubricating. Turning the page in this make-believe informational brochure, the technology shows off a whole other benefit. It’s right there, in quasi-real black and white, that this powder pressing and heating method demonstrates a […]

How Do Particle Size and Size Distribution Influence the Compaction Process in Powder Metallurgy?

Scientific precision shapes Powder metallurgy processing. While a post about compaction basics could get away with describing the process in a few simple lines of text, these rudimentary descriptions would fail to capture the complexities that arise as a powder pressing operation proceeds. Right now, with a precision-based approach foremost, we’re going to delve deep […]

Hot Pressing vs. Cold Pressing of Metal Powders: What’s the Difference?

Back at the compaction chamber, two alternative pressing systems are available. In the hot pressing method, elevated temperatures are used. It’s a dual-process operation, with the powdered metal compacting, then it sinters. Almost solid, just slightly porous, the combined processing approach yields tool quality results. Alternatively, cold pressing is done without heat. That latter phase […]

Understanding Atomization Method in Powder Metallurgy

This phase of the powder metallurgy process hasn’t received adequate attention. Here’s an opportunity to remedy that oversight. Actually, that’s not quite true, past articles have described the electric arc phase, but that’s hardly the only option. Grabbing this chance with both hands, let’s delve deeper into the powder dispersing options. What Is Powder Atomization? […]

Effects of a Miscalculated Sintering Temperature to a Sintered Material

During the sintering process, as applied to powdered metals, a densely packed, cavity-shaped cluster of machine-pulverized particles plasticizes and diffuses. They do not melt. That’s a common misconception. Now, assuming an optimal sintering temperature is employed, the compacted grains experience the material diffusion cycle. They solidify. However, process temperatures can go awry. On knowing this […]

The Importance of Green Strength in Powder Metallurgy Process

As compacted metal powders coalesce, and this is before the sintering process, the compressed material is imbued with what’s known as “Green strength.” Remember, the metal particles haven’t bonded yet, haven’t fused with each other. However, the unsintered product is mechanically tough enough to handle machining operations. Those supplementary stages won’t damage the compacted workpiece, […]