A Brief Overview About Sintered Metal Filters and Silencers

May 15, 2020

Sintered Metal Filters and Silencers have great intrinsic strength, so they can be used with a much wider pressure differential than most other filter materials. The accuracy of the P/M process means you can specify particle extraction from 10 to 50 microns. Powder metal filters can generally be cleaned simply by backwashing or ultrasonic cleaning. Bronze is standard. Cupro-nickel and stainless steel are optional.

Compacted powder metal filters and silencers are manufactured as all metal products. There are no fallible moving parts or different materials to fabricate, no peculiar flow models to predict. In lieu of a multi-component architecture, a single porous metal part filters numerous fluids mediums. Made from bronze, from copper-nickel and stainless steel, poriferous sintered strainers are endowed with unique fluid-processing properties, including an innate durability feature.

Sintered Metal Filters and Silencer Uses

Metal filters are used in variety of purposes such as silencing controlling noise emission from air exhausts, diffusion gases and/or liquids, diffusion, venting pressures equalized while dust is excluded, flame arresting p/m bronze filters are make excellent flame arrestors with their relatively high heat conductivity, flame arresting, filtration water, fuel and gas lines, dampening pressure or vacuum devices may be protected by p/m filters used as snubbers and dampening.

Durable All-Metal Filters

When torturous conditions propel high-temperature gases down a sealed channel, a standard screening solution feels the strain. All-metal sintered filters and silencers endure under these parts-corrosive conditions. The disc or cone-shaped powder metal product allows a selected fluid to travel through the sintered mass, but suspended particulates are removed from the stream. Furthermore, the powder compaction process is finitely variable, which means filter permeability can be adjusted. When the metal sintering process addresses filtering needs, a typical bore pitch of 10 to 50 microns is easily achieved.

Handling Pressure Differential Extremes

Metallurgical technology governs pitch bore diameter, durable alloys manage corrosive chemicals and soaring temperatures, and mechanical strength counterbalances tough pressure differentials. The sourced material is typically a member of an industrially toughened bronze alloy or stainless steel composite. A similarly hardy copper-nickel blend can also offset the mechanical stresses created by the tremendous pressures that exist in many of today’s processing environments. While other manufactured products would wilt under the pressure, single-piece sintered filters retain their intended functions. Better yet, a unibody sintered filter naturally maximises fluidic diffusion while containing that pressure differential behind its porous but rigid mass.

Charged with Fluid Silencing Characteristics

Sintered metal filters are built to strip away dynamic stresses as effectively as they deal with liquid-suspended particulates. As that force-cancelling function commences, gaseous loads are nullified, air exhausts are silenced, and dynamically funnelled noise is muted. In essence, these products are built for pneumatic, chemical, and hydraulic systems, places where propagating vibrations must be effectively reduced until they comply with industry-accepted noise regulations.

In oil-filled hydraulics and pneumatic equipment, sintered metal filters handle large pressure differentials while removing the piped contaminants that are flowing in that system. The powder metal compacting process produces screen bore diameters that vary within a few microns, so chemical treatment plants also employ these corrosion-resistant filtering solutions. Finally, noise emission control falls under the jurisdiction of this metal-only filter type, with the porous alloy sieves dismissing the pressurised air and other gases so that the exhaust from the filter is properly silenced. That last feature targets air compressors and other air-powered equipment.

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