Why Do Businesses Prefer Sintered Products Over Others?

February 21, 2023

Businesses in the manufacturing industry typically rely on a wide array of materials to generate their main parts and products. One of the materials they often use is metal.

People in general have been using metal for many centuries. One key reason behind metal usage is it is reliable. With proper processes and techniques, metal can be fabricated and modified into various shapes and sizes. Its properties can even be modified through the addition of elements. Metal is also durable, appealing, and long-lasting, which makes it useful to a lot of people and industries.

A primary process that can be used in altering the properties of metal is sintering.

Overview of the Sintering Process

Sintering is a process wherein powdered metal materials are pressed into a specific form and shape. Heat is then applied to the pressed metals so that their particles can bond solidly. These steps make sure that a sintered metal product will be formed without expecting it to deteriorate in a short time. This process can be effective in processing a wide range of metals. These metals include stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, hardened steel, and low-alloy steel.

But sintering is only a phase in powder metallurgy. Powder metallurgy is comprised of various processes in creating reliable metal parts and components. The first process in powder metallurgy involves the conversion of raw metal materials into metal powders. Subsequently, a mould or die is designed according to the shape or form of a specific part or product. The metal powders will then fill the mould or die.

From there, the sintering process comes in, where metal powders are compacted at high pressure before being removed from mould or die and placed into a sintering furnace.

Key Benefits of Sintered Products

Businesses would prefer sintered products over others thanks to their associated benefits.

First, sintered products can boast complex shapes and forms without compromising their overall strength, durability, and others. The processes of compaction and sintering can already make sure that the products will stay functional throughout their service life. Another benefit of sintered products is they are cost-effective. Unlike other metal manufacturing processes, sintering and powder metallurgy can ensure that all metal materials will be used, minimising the number of wastes generated by the said activities.

Sintered products are likewise beneficial for businesses as they are environmentally friendly. Being sustainable is vital today as industries veer away from practices that will only harm the environment and the people. Since powder metallurgy can already work with recycled metal powders, it can make sure that raw metal materials can be preserved. It even maximises 15% less energy than other processes, which helps conserve natural energy resources.

Other benefits of sintered products include lower overall costs, improved surface finishes, and enhanced performance.

Applications of Sintered Products

Many tools and products can be produced out of sintering and powder metallurgy. These things include bearing retainers, brackets, pulleys, gears, spacers, rotors, and couplings. If you want to acquire sintered products for your applications, you can contact us at PM Distributors.

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