Copper Powder: The Ideal Bearing Material for Precision Motion Control

February 5, 2024

Copper Powder

Expect precise motion control with bearings made from copper powder. Optimise the responsiveness and positional accuracy of your tools. Call +61 (3) 9794 5817.

Modern machinery and equipment take advantage of components that can help them carry out operations smoothly and swiftly. One of the components they maximise is a bearing. Bearings in general are mechanical components meant to support rotational or linear movement of machines and tools. They can also reduce friction and support loads. Once installed, these components can significantly facilitate smooth motion between two or more moving parts.

A lot of materials can be used to produce bearings. One of them is copper powder.

The Composition of Copper Powder Bearings

Copper powder is a material that can be used to fabricate bearings. Copper powder bearings are a type of self-lubricating bearings that maximise copper as their main component. They are often generated through powder metallurgy, where the powdered form of copper is sintered with other materials. The oil then penetrates and fills the labyrinth of gaps where pure copper has been powdered and compressed. Once the powder metallurgy is done, copper powder bearings are expected to exhibit exceptional properties that are vital to motion control applications.

Copper Powder Bearings: Key Characteristics

The different characteristics of copper powder bearings allow them to be useful in many applications, especially those that require precise motion control. They include the following.

•  Self-Lubricating Property: Copper powder bearings are fundamentally self-lubricating. Their copper particles within the bearing matrix work as solid lubricants, which reduces friction and wear between moving mechanical components.

•  High Thermal Conductivity: The core material of these bearings copper is known for its excellent thermal conductivity. In motion control applications, copper powder bearings can efficiently transfer heat away from friction areas, preventing them from overheating.

•  Corrosion Resistance: Copper powder bearings showcase remarkable corrosion resistance. This specific attribute secures long-lasting bearings, particularly in harsh environments.

•  High Load-Carrying Capacity: Sintering used in creating copper powder bearings results in a dense and structurally sound material. The composition of these bearings contributes to their capacity to handle high loads, making them suitable for applications requiring robust support.

PM Distributors Offers Copper Powder Bearings

At PM Distributors, we offer copper powder bearings for applications that require precise motion control. The robotics and automation field, for one, can take advantage of our copper powder bearings to ensure the smooth operation of robotic arms and automation components. The field of aerospace can likewise integrate copper powder bearings into their aircraft control surfaces and landing gear mechanisms to secure reliability in their respective functions.

The medical industry can also maximise our copper powder bearings and install them in medical devices like surgical robots, imaging equipment, and diagnostic instruments.

Aside from these industries, copper powder bearings are expected to bring more innovations in other industries thanks to continuous technical advancements. Our team at PM Distributors are dedicated to enhancing their properties to make them more suitable for emerging applications that demand increasingly efficient and precise motion control.

Copper powder, with its self-lubricating nature, high thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance, stands out as an ideal candidate for applications requiring unparalleled precision. Contact PM Distributors today to gain advantage of our copper powder bearings.

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