The Differences Between Sintering and Melting Explained

Metal fabrication is essential to industries as it generates various parts and components needed to produce equipment pieces, machines, and other vital systems. For instance, the automotive industry maximises metal fabrication processes in creating almost all vehicle parts. The construction industry, alternatively, uses metal fabrication processes to produce building components. What is common about metal […]

Reduce the Noise of Your Pneumatic Equipment with Sintered Bronze Silencers

Many industrial establishments today maximise pneumatic equipment in carrying out different processes. Pneumatic equipment pieces are tools and devices that maximise the power of compressed air. Some examples of pneumatic equipment are blast cleaners, forging pressures, drills, and paint sprayers. One great thing about pneumatic equipment is they are lightweight. They do not need a […]

Why Should You Invest in Powder Metallurgy Components?

Production lines for varying industries typically maximise components out of durable materials. Usually, they would utilise metals, plastic, rubber, papers, and other materials to process and produce their needed components. However, even with delicate processing, some of these components still lack properties that can make them truly valuable, functional, and long-lasting. Fortunately, powder metallurgy has […]

How to Choose the Most Suitable K-Coupling® for Your Application?

Manufacturers and other industries often maximise small yet vital components to ensure that their machines, devices, and other assemblies are built and aligned optimally. One component that many of them utilise today is K-Coupling®. K-Coupling® is a compact component made from double-loop ELASTACAST® polyurethane elastomeric material. It is built with zinc plated steel hubs, which […]