Advantages of Powder Metallurgy over Conventional Metal Fabrication Techniques

Prepare for a battle. The headliners at the event enter. Conventional metal fabrication techniques come out first, and powder metallurgy technology is close behind. Okay, this is a colourful metaphor, but it accurately reflects the contest we’re attempting to illustrate. Specifically, several advantages come quickly to mind when powder metallurgy is put up against those […]

What is Powdered Metal Fabrication?

As we’ve said time and again, the sintered bearings sector represents an important part of the powdered metal fabrication industry. After all, this is an engineering principle that produces self-lubricating bearings. Imbued with that beneficial feature, a bearing functions without a separate oil feed mechanism. None the less, this technology doesn’t limit itself to this […]

The Principle of Self-Lubricating Bearings

There’s no great mystery behind self-lubricating bearings, no magic greasing the sintered parts. It’s all science, a form of engineering that employs lubricant transference tech. Try Picturing the principle as a transfer-driven process. At the beginning, that oily liquid is contained in the sintered bearing material. Just how does the oily stuff reach that required […]

What is Super Oilite Bearing Material?

Distinguished by numerous metallurgically superior features, Super Oilite is a premium bearing type. The material again employs powder metallurgy science, but this time it’s an array of proprietary manufacturing methods that earn this self-lubricating material a place of prominence inside the toughest industrial drive systems. We start with the strong ferrous backbone. Iron-Framed Super Oilite […]

Benefits of Sintered Components in Customised Bearing Requirements

When a shrewd bearing manufacturer takes advantage of sintered components, new product lines gain tailor-designed features and functions. To put it another way, customised bearing requirements are readily expedited when that manufacturer embraces sintering technology. First of all, even the most professionally equipped machine shop uses a subtractive process to fabricate its mechanical bearings. Sintered […]