What is Super Oilite Bearing Material?

September 29, 2017

Distinguished by numerous metallurgically superior features, Super Oilite is a premium bearing type. The material again employs powder metallurgy science, but this time it’s an array of proprietary manufacturing methods that earn this self-lubricating material a place of prominence inside the toughest industrial drive systems. We start with the strong ferrous backbone.

Iron-Framed Super Oilite Bearings 

The emphasis is necessarily on quality when bearing materials are being developed, which is a problem with some sintered materials. Frankly, a lesser sintered product can break down quickly if it’s not designed with a toughened metal base. Super Oilite bearing materials solve this issue by reinforcing the metallurgical element. In this case, the sintered bronze is replaced by a stronger iron substructure. Granted, the powder metallurgical process produces highly wear resistant bronze sintered materials, but the substituted iron adds strength and hardness to an already sturdy bearing metal.

Recognising a Self-Lubricating Standard

If Oilite is a robust self-lubricating bearing family, a bronze part that uses sintering technology to greatly reduce driveshaft stress, then that line of reasoning implies the ‘Super’ descriptor is merited by intelligently swapping out the bronze base metal for iron. True, the more robust metallurgical element plays a significant role here, but there’s more to consider. First of all, all Oilite products, branded as they are, must be manufactured according to the highest possible production standards. To put that statement in perspective, these are sintered material, just like any other, but they’re exposed to greater die compaction pressures than other self-lubricating bearings.

Better Than Their Generic Counterparts 

Essentially, there’s a thematic thread running through Super Oilite bearing materials. There’s that already mentioned enhanced compression equipment configuration. That same premium build factor touches every other process phase, so expect a superior lubricating agent, one that mirrors the exceptional sintering procedure. Thanks to these intelligently implemented manufacturing techniques, plus the equally capable production equipment, close dimensional tolerances are achieved, as is a metallic substructure that assures proper bearing lubricity. It’s the vacuum impregnation process and an equally capable belt furnace station that makes the difference.

Made possible by a production setup that pushes sintered engineering science to the limit, Super Oilite bearing material does leave the equipment line as a self-lubricated drive bearing, but it’s a bearing material that has little in common with any generic bearing alloy. In place of a mediocre product, these branded bearings use iron in the powder metallurgical process, plus all of the necessary engineering methods that guarantee a premium grade self-lubricating bearing product line.

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