Most Common Sintered Products You Can Acquire from PM Distributors

October 25, 2022

Many manufacturing companies try a wide array of manufacturing processes so they can pick those that can be beneficial for their operations. They likewise check out the materials they will be using to ensure that their chosen manufacturing processes can handle them. Without doing these things, it would be difficult for manufacturers to produce various parts with great qualities.

One manufacturing process, fortunately, that seems to be favourable to a lot of manufacturing companies and even their clients is powder metallurgy. Powder metallurgy is a metal-forming process that involves blending fine powdered materials, compacting and pressing metal powders, and heating the compacted powders below their respective melting points to finally bond them. Many industries use products out of this process thanks to their benefits.

Benefits of Powder Metallurgy

Tons of manufacturers prefer powder metallurgy over others due as it provides tons of benefits.

One of the benefits of powder metallurgy is it can produce parts and components at or close to the intended dimensions. Since the products are expected to boast final dimensions, the need for machining is minimised significantly. Another benefit of powder metallurgy is it can minimise the number of scraps throughout the processing of workpieces. The overall working principles of powder metallurgy allow the process to avoid generating waste when processing components.

Powder metallurgy can also produce parts and products with a good surface finish. It can even yield components with enhanced strength, increased wear resistance, and controlled porosity. All these benefits make products out of powder metallurgy to be cost-effective.

Products from PM Distributors 

If you are currently looking for high-quality sintered products for your applications, you can contact us at PM Distributors. We are a company based in Dandenong South, Victoria, Australia that provides quality products and services to various places and establishments. We specialise in providing customised solutions to all our clients.

For years, we have been supplying sintered parts to many clients. Hence, we can also supply anything that can be helpful for your applications. Here are some products we can offer.

• Cylindrical Bearings: Cylindrical bearings are machine elements that can be useful in handling heavy loads and high-speed applications thanks to their abundance of contact surface area. Their applications may include working with either radial or axial loads, which revolve around mining, power transmission, power generation, and metal recycling.

• Flanged Bearings: Flanged bearings maximise an external flange on the outer ring that allows them to be mounted and positioned optimally. Since their flange can provide a thrust surface, they can provide support to radial loads and light axial loads. These bearings can be used in construction equipment, conveyor systems, and other agricultural tools.

• Self-Aligning Bearings: Self-aligning bearings maximise two rows of balls that can be either open or sealed. These bearings are useful for applications that expect the occurrence of misalignment or angular displacement between the bearing housing and the shaft.

• Thrust Washers: Thrust washers are also offered by PM Distributors as they can help support the axial load on a shaft. They can also prevent movement along the same shaft. These flat washers are normally placed between a rotating surface and a stationary part.

To gain access to our products, feel free to call us at +61 (3) 9794 5817.

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