What are the Four Main Purposes of Washers?

June 9, 2022

Machines can only work effectively if they are comprised of the right components. One of the components integrated into most machines today is the washers.

Washers are machine components that work well with screw fasteners like bolts and nuts. These machine components are intended to keep the screw fasteners intact, preventing them from loosening. They can also distribute the load from these fasteners over a larger area. Washers can be similar to springs, which can offset a substantial increase in the distance between the screw head and the clamped object, or between the bolt head and the nut. They can likewise bite into the workpieces.

To know more about washers, here are four main purposes of these machine components and why they are best used and paired with screw fasteners.

  1. Distribute Load

Screw fasteners like nuts or bolts may cause stress to the materials they are being driven into. So, if a screw is being driven into the wood, the latter may generate some cracks as the fastener infiltrates it further. Placing a washer, thankfully, can minimise the risk of cracks and other damages by distributing the fastener’s load across the material surface. With washers, any wood and other soft materials can be protected from stress-related damages once threaded fasteners are driven into their surfaces.

  1. Create a Padding

Aside from load distribution, washers can also be used as a spacer for threaded fasteners. Sometimes, the nuts or bolts may be longer than the object’s depth. Without any spacer, manufacturers would have difficulty driving the threaded fasteners into the object. Worse, they may end up sticking the fasteners out the back of the workpieces. Utilising washers, alternatively, can generate sufficient padding for the fasteners, making their installation successful.

  1. Absorb Vibration

Another primary purpose of washers is to absorb vibration. Washers made from metals have been effective in distributing load and creating padding. Alternatively, plastic, rubber, and urethane washers can all absorb vibration. Once threaded fasteners are installed to connect two objects, manufacturers can utilise these washers in dampening and minimising the vibrations, especially if one of those objects vibrates aggressively. By minimising vibration, the objects are protected from damage.

  1. Prevent Intrusion

One more purpose of washers is to prevent the intrusion of water and liquids into objects. Washers can be used not only for machines but also for water pipes and connections. Without any washers, water and liquids may find their way in or out of these things, which can lead to their damage and other issues. Utilising liquid-sealing washers made from soft materials can press against the surfaces effectively, minimising the chances of water and liquids ingress.

Washers made from powder materials can provide most of these purposes. To gain access to sintered washers for your specific needs, you can contact us at PM Distributors. Our wide range of stock allows you, the customer, a ready supply source to meet your needs.

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