Proper Cleaning of Sintered or Porous Metal Parts

February 26, 2021

There are a lot of metal parts out there that have been maximised by a wide variety of industries. Some are made from newly extracted metal ore, while others are fabricated out of recycled metal sheets. Several manufacturing processes also use powder metals in creating parts and components. Sintered metal parts are parts and components […]

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Factors to Consider When Making a Prototype of Powdered Metal or Sintered Metal Parts

February 15, 2021

The powder metallurgy process entails the production of parts and components out of metal powders. One main reason why this process is being utilised by many industries is that it reduces or even avoids the use of metal removal processes. There are three major processing steps that are often carried out by powder metallurgy. The […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Powdered Metal Structural Parts

January 28, 2021

Manufacturers can get their metal products out of various sources. One of these sources is metal powders. And to convert metal powders into useful metal parts and products, they often undergo powder metallurgy processes as they can effectively reduce yield losses in manufacture. Powder metallurgy processes can also make sure that the manufacturing costs will […]

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How to Gauge the Quality and Characteristics of Metal Powders

January 14, 2021

When it comes to powder metallurgy, the perceived quality and characteristics of metal powders can all affect the outcome of the products. And so, to obtain greater product results, businesses would normally want to have their metal powders tested. These tests allow them to determine both the physical and mechanical properties of the metal powders […]

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What You Should Know About PV Rating of Bearings

December 15, 2020

Bearings have been very useful for many pieces of equipment and devices. For one, bearings help them reduce friction whenever their parts or components rotate. Additionally, they are intended to protect the part that supports the rotation. Even the positioning of the rotating shaft is maintained through bearings. With these hardware devices, industries are guaranteed […]

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