Increased Density in Powder Metallurgy Products: How can this be Achieved?

November 20, 2019

Powder Metallurgy produced parts continue to find their way into countless machine types. In fact, if a new machine comes to market, there’s a good chance it’ll use a few sintered parts. Because the PM production process utilizes a density controllable metal forming technique, all sorts of applications become feasible when sintered components apply their […]

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Common Applications of Sintered Bearings

November 4, 2019

Every industry insider knows about self-lubricating sintered bearings. They’ve pretty much transformed every machine architecture, large and small. Before these bushings came along, chunky multi-element bearings were fed by intricate oil carrying lines, or they were periodically greased by busy maintenance technicians. Interestingly, focusing on that self-regulating lubricity feature, sintered bushings are loaded with different […]

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Advantages of Sintering in Producing Complex Shaped Bearings

October 21, 2019

Without any difficult machining work, sintering services make it possible for engineering customers to acquire complex geometrical parts profiles. The detail-heavy components exit the powder metallurgy equipment as perfectly identical compaction densified metal elements. That, then, is a big part of a bearing manufacturer’s motivation for adopting sintering technology. Of course, there’s also that self-lubricating […]

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Role of Sintering Additives in Sintered Bearing Manufacturing

October 7, 2019

Remember, the sintering stage coalesces compacted metal objects. Pressed into shape by a die, heat is applied inside the sintering chamber. The metal doesn’t melt, but it merges and consolidates. By injecting special additives into this mix, we enhance this material coalescence phase. An increase in thermal energy temperature can’t duplicate this effect. As a […]

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Dimensional and Geometrical Precision of Powder Metallurgy Products

September 26, 2019

Whilst cast parts can exhibit dimensional inconsistencies, powder metallurgy products are designed to repress such manufacturing glitches. A casting might expand because it’s still soaked in smelting heat, but PM produced components don’t require anywhere close to that amount of metal-transformative energy. Because of that hallmark feature, powdered metals retain their Green compacted form. Even […]

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