Reasons Why Sintered Bronze Bushings are Used for Various Applications

December 16, 2021

One element that can affect tools and objects is friction. Friction is the force that resists the relative motion of elements or surfaces sliding against each other. While friction helps people and vehicles stop whenever necessary, it can generate various disadvantages to tools and objects.

Friction is known to generate a lot of heat. Hence, tools and objects that are often subjected to friction can get hot during their operations. And the longer they are exposed to heat, the faster their deterioration will be. Aside from heat, tools and objects that receive a lot of friction would have to consume more energy so they can move effectively. The increased energy consumption can then lead to more expenses.

The disadvantages of too much friction can be both dangerous and costly to industries. Hence, they would often maximise components that can minimise friction and its effects. One of the components they typically maximise is sintered bronze bushings.

An Overview of Sintered Bushings

Bushings generally are vibration isolators that can generate an interface between two surfaces, preventing them from obtaining the effects of too much friction. Many types of bushings can be utilised by various industries and businesses. However, many of them maximise sintered bushings thanks to the benefits they can bring to their applications.

Sintered bushings are crafted out of the sintering process. Sintering is a process wherein metallic or ceramic powder is pressed to form various shapes before curing them under high temperatures. Most sintered bushings have a coarse pore structure, which enables them to be filled with lubricating oil. Once the bushings are exposed to high heat, the lubricating oil will then escape from the pores, protecting the tools or objects from wear and other negative effects of friction.

Sintered Bronze Bushings’ Benefits

Many materials can be utilised in creating sintered bushings. One of those materials is bronze.

Sintered bronze products, particularly sintered bronze bushings, are known to resist high temperature and corrosion thanks to their coarse pore and self-lubricating structure. They are likewise rigid and strong, which allows them to retain their form and withstand wear, shock, and impact even after a long time of usage. And compared to other types of bushings, sintered bronze bushings are more affordable, making them great for businesses that want to save a lot of money.

Given the qualities and benefits of sintered bronze bushings, they are often maximised in low-speed, high-load, and severe-duty applications. Notable industries that maximise this type of bushing include food processing, automotive, pump, and iron and steel manufacturing industries.

Bronze Bushings at PM Distributors

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