Key Features and Applications of Bronze Sintered Filters

April 8, 2022

A wide array of mechanical components can be manufactured out of various materials. Some of these materials are chrome steel, mild steel, and bronze.

The processes involved in generating mechanical components out of the said materials can vary depending on the needs of the industries. But one process that sticks out among the rest of the manufacturing processes is powder metallurgy. Powder metallurgy is a series of activities wherein metal powders are utilised in creating the said components. Through powder metallurgy, manufacturers can maximise different sintered mechanical components.

One sintered component that industries can utilise is sintered filters. Sintered filters, which are often made from bronze powder, are maximised by varying industries thanks to their remarkable features.

Properties of Bronze Sintered Filters

Bronze sintered filters, as mentioned earlier, are filters that have been processed out of spherical bronze powder. Once the bronze powder has been attained and collected, manufacturers would place it in a mould. The powder particles are then fused and combined by exposing them to temperatures below their melting point. As the bronze powder particles are heated, they would generate the shape and properties of the needed filters. Once the sintering has been done, all the characteristics of the filters are already fixed. Ultimately, bronze sintered filters are expected to be stable and strong.

All the steps mentioned above are part of the process called gravity sintering.

Bronze Sintered Filters Key Features

The number of industries that maximise bronze sintered filters continues to increase thanks to their remarkable features.

One of the features of bronze sintered filters is they can resist high temperatures. Since filters are expected to be installed in various machines and tools, they must be able to withstand the heat that may be generated out of their operations. Another great feature of bronze sintered filters is they can resist corrosion. Corrosion often affects the longevity of mechanical components, especially if they are made from weak materials. Bronze powders, fortunately, can withstand the effects of corrosion. Hence, filters made from bronze powder can last for a long time due to their durability.

Other notable features of bronze sintered filters include excellent mechanical strength, flexible design, and remarkable thermal stability. They likewise maximise self-supporting moulded sections.

Bronze Sintered Filters Applications

Bronze sintered filters can carry out numerous functions. These functions are to protect, filter, separate, disperse, throttle, dampen, and equalise. All functions of bronze sintered filters allow them to be very useful for the food and water treatment industries. Thanks to their remarkable features, bronze sintered filters can also be used for domestic appliances like gas burners, boilers, and printers. They can likewise be utilised for audio devices, pneumatic cylinders, geared motors, and many more.

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