3 Main Causes of Cylindrical Roller Bearings Failures

November 4, 2021

Many industries maximise various types of bearings in ensuring that their machines, tools, and others can work optimally. Through bearings, the metal surfaces of their products will be prevented from meeting each other. They could likewise prevent friction and heat from damaging the surfaces of their parts.

One type of bearings that are popular today is the cylindrical roller bearings. Cylindrical roller bearings, as their name implies, maximise cylinders as their primary rolling elements. What is great about cylindrical roller bearings is that they have a large radial load capacity, allowing them to accept relatively faster speeds compared to other types of roller bearings. These features of cylindrical roller bearings allow them to be very useful in gearboxes, wind turbines, electric motors, pumps, and machine tools.

But just like other types of bearings, cylindrical roller bearings are still capable of failing. The following are some potential causes of cylindrical roller bearings failures.

  1. Improper Lubrication

One of the main causes of cylindrical roller bearings failures is improper lubrication. Cylindrical roller bearings rely heavily on lubrication to ensure that their rolling and sliding contact surfaces will not be directly in contact with metal surfaces. With proper lubrication, they can effectively prevent friction and abrasion from damaging their surfaces. It can even help in preventing corrosion, rust, heat generation, and contamination. Improper lubrication, which can be done by using the wrong type of lubrication, utilising too little or too much grease or oil, or mixing grease or oil, will only cause bearing failures.

  1. Incorrect Installation

The installation and mounting of bearings must be done appropriately to avoid encountering issues along the way. When installing and mounting bearings, one must use the right tools and ensure the correct fit. Fitting the bearings too tightly will only generate too much preload. Fitting the bearings too loosely, alternatively, will only lead to too little preload. Aside from incorrect fitting of the bearings, misaligning them can also yield issues. The effectiveness and longevity of cylindrical roller bearings rely heavily on their installation. Hence, installing them incorrectly will only introduce damages to their components.

  1. Operational Pressure

One more cause of cylindrical roller bearings failures is operational pressure. Quality cylindrical roller bearings are expected to perform their intended functions, especially if they are made by a reliable company. However, they can still be affected by operational stresses and pressure. Subjecting the bearings beyond their maximum load will only damage them fully. The same thing can happen if improper internal clearance is present. Cylindrical roller bearings can also fail once they have been continuously subjected to strong vibrations, high temperature, dust and dirt elements, and aggressive media.

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