How to Choose the Most Suitable K-Coupling® for Your Application?

January 6, 2022

Manufacturers and other industries often maximise small yet vital components to ensure that their machines, devices, and other assemblies are built and aligned optimally. One component that many of them utilise today is K-Coupling®.

K-Coupling® is a compact component made from double-loop ELASTACAST® polyurethane elastomeric material. It is built with zinc plated steel hubs, which can be perfectly installed and mounted to shafts with Allen screws. Some K-Coupling® products, particularly those that are part of the 5804 and 5804 series, utilise keyed hubs.

Primary Benefits of K-Coupling®

There are a lot of benefits that are associated with K-Coupling®.

One of the benefits of this particular component is that it can effectively absorb parallel and angular misalignment. The design of K-Coupling® may be unique, but it can run effectively at up to 3/16” parallel and 15° angular misalignment. It can even compensate for any bearing wear. K-Coupling® can also run quietly, dampening any vibration and motor noise.

Another great benefit of K-Coupling® is that it can minimize bearing loads. Even in severe misalignment applications, mounting the K-Coupling® will not add extra load on motor bearings. Through this powerful component, a wide array of bearings is expected to last longer even without regular upkeep.

Other crucial benefits of K-Coupling® include reduced thrust loads, enabled assembly in tight quarters, and guaranteed positive drive connections without any backlash.

Choosing the Best K-Coupling®

In selecting and choosing K-Coupling® for your application, you must make sure that the following steps are strictly followed.

The first thing that you should do is to know the horsepower or wattage requirement of your application. Once you have determined this specific requirement, you must find a K-Coupling® product that can work well with your application. You must also double-check its rating limits for optimal usage.

Next, you must determine the amount of space that is dedicated to the coupling installation. You must match this space to the hub-to-hub and outside loop dimensions of the K-Coupling®. After confirming its compatibility with your space, you must now consider the shaft sizes involved and their space as well.

The next thing that you must do is to predetermine the maximum degree of angular and parallel misalignment of your application. Knowing these elements can help you find a coupling that can perfectly compensate for them without generating any problems.

Ultimately, you may want to decide if a keyway will be needed for your application. If so, you must opt for K-Coupling® products that are part of the series 5803 and 5804.

Buy Quality K-Coupling® Today

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