Common Benefits and Applications of Hollow Bars

April 29, 2021

Hollow bars can be produced in two ways. The first way to process hollow bars is to send a drill through a solid bar material. This process can be effective in maintaining accurate part dimensions, which can be very useful for critical applications. Another process in creating hollow bars is centrifugal casting. During this process, the molten material is spun and forced to enter the mould wall until it cools and hardens. With centrifugal casted hollow bars, they are expected to be dense and uniform in structure.

These types of bars can be created out of various materials. However, materials that are hard and strong can be difficult to process just to achieve perfect hollow bars.

Hollow Bars Main Advantages

One great thing about hollow bars is that they can reduce material losses. They can also help in reducing the need to process the operation of equipment for the deep drilling process. And since hollow bars are made from materials that can last for a long time and provide high cutting speed, then they are expected to maintain defect-free surfaces after being exposed to machining operations.

With the right set of materials, hollow bars can work in different environments due to their adequate corrosion protection. Even varying installation methods can be done to hollow bars, as long as they are made from durable and long-lasting materials. Additionally, hollow bars often possess very tight dimensional tolerances, allowing them to work optimally without expecting any failure.

Applications of Hollow Bars

A lot of industries today maximise hollow bars in a wide array of applications. Some industries that use hollow bars are automotive, chemical, food, general machining, paper and paperboard, shipbuilding, and textile. These industries effectively use hollow bars in generating radially machined components. They are likewise used to produce valves, actuators, pumps, compressors, axles, shafts, mechanical gaskets, connection components, and measuring instruments.

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