Why Should You Invest in Powder Metallurgy Components?

February 9, 2022

Production lines for varying industries typically maximise components out of durable materials. Usually, they would utilise metals, plastic, rubber, papers, and other materials to process and produce their needed components. However, even with delicate processing, some of these components still lack properties that can make them truly valuable, functional, and long-lasting.

Fortunately, powder metallurgy has emerged to ensure that different types of components can be made and serve varying industries. Powder metallurgy is a process of forming components out of metal powders. This process can be done in four steps, namely, powder production, powder blending, compacting, and sintering. Some powder metallurgy components that industries can maximise are hardware components, automobile parts, power tools, hydraulic assemblies, and many more.

When looking for the right components for your application, you must opt for powder metallurgy components. Here are some reasons why you must invest in these components.


One of the main reasons why you should invest in powder metallurgy components is they are cost-effective. The whole process of maximising metal powders to become useful components for industries can be cost-effective as powder metallurgy does not consume a lot of energy. It can also utilise materials very well, despite minimal numbers of process steps.


Another reason why you must invest in powder metallurgy components is they are consistent. What is great about powder metallurgy is that it can process metal powders and turn them into components with simple to complex geometrical shapes. And despite processing various types of shapes, the components produced by powder metallurgy are expected to have consistent dimensions and qualities.


As mentioned, production lines would typically go for conventional materials in processing their products. From the usual metal sheets down to plastic materials, they tend to be picked by many industries.However, the uniqueness of the powder metallurgy allows it to handle and process material combinations. Some examples of material combinations are non-metallic materials mixed with copper-based or iron-based matrix, hard phase combined with a metallic phase, and so on.


Powder metallurgy components can also be a good investment for your industry as they feature controlled levels of porosity. Components crafted out of powder metallurgy can become oil-retaining or self-lubricating components, which is a good feature as it minimises the need for regular maintenance. Self-lubricating components can likewise handle higher load capacities and reduce operating costs.


Ultimately, powder metallurgy components are a good investment for your business since they can last for a long time. The materials used for the process of powder metallurgy typically have properties that can make them valuable. Some of these materials can be tough, while others may boast excellent electrical and thermal conductivity.

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