Why are Sintered Washers Best Paired with Fasteners?

September 26, 2022

Machines, vehicles, and other similar products nowadays mostly maximise fasteners as one of their core components. What makes fasteners essential for these things is they can connect two or more components for a long time. Some notable examples of fasteners often used by industries today are screws, bolts, nuts, and rivets.

Tons of advantages are associated with fasteners. For one, they can easily reduce the weight of components found inside machines, vehicles, and others, which cannot be achieved by other connecting elements. They can also join high-strength materials without compromising stability and structural integrity. Fasteners likewise do not require tons of space, allowing industries to design compact yet powerful equipment, tools, and others.

But to make fasteners more cost-effective for many industries, they are normally best paired with sintered washers. Sintered washers are produced by pressing metal powders without heating them to their melting point. Pairing these washers with fasteners is highly recommended due to the following reasons.

Absorb Damaging Vibrations

Fasteners are intended to connect two or more components. But since these components are expected to move while they operate, the amount of vibration they release can be damaging to the fasteners. But by adding sintered washers, the vibrations produced by the machines and equipment can be absorbed by these things. As the washers continue to absorb the vibrations, both the fasteners and the components they are linking will be saved from any damage.

Prevent Liquid Infiltration

Sintered washers are not only effective in absorbing damaging vibrations, but they can also prevent liquid from infiltrating the fastened components. Water and other liquid media can be devastating for system components, especially if they do not have enough sealing and cannot resist moisture. Sintered washers, fortunately, can prevent liquid media from entering, ensuring that the fasteners and the connected components will not deteriorate as they operate.

Distribute the Weight Evenly

As mentioned earlier, fasteners can ensure that system components can be connected without adding too much weight to machines, vehicles, and others. These mechanical devices, however, may easily wear out if they do not have any support. Sintered washers, fortunately, can distribute the weight between the fasteners and the connected components evenly. Manufacturers do not have to worry about fasteners getting damaged anymore.

Provide Adequate Spacing

One more reason why sintered washers work well with fasteners is they can provide adequate spacing to the latter. Some fasteners tend to be longer than the depth of the components being connected. Without adequate spacing, these fasteners may end up piercing through them, damaging them along the way. The addition of sintered washers ensures that the fasteners will not stick out the back of the involved components.

Aside from these reasons, sintered washers, in general, are best used alongside fasteners as they can remain sturdy and durable for a long time. They can also retain their form factor throughout their operations, allowing them to carry out their purposes without any issues. Sintered washers are likewise more cost-effective than other types of washers. To gain access to high-quality sintered washers, you can contact us at PM Distributors.

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