Maintain High Quality Sintered Parts by Adding Graphite

May 30, 2022

Various industries today maximise machines, devices, and others in carrying out their purposes. And for these things to work, they should be paired with the right set of parts and components.

Parts and components that are being utilised by industries can be made from a wide array of materials. Some of these materials are metals and plastics. They undergo different manufacturing and fabrication processes that allow them to enhance their durability, resistance to elements, and longevity. These things, however, can also be made from powder materials.

The process of generating parts and components out of powder materials is known as sintering.

Benefits of Sintered Parts

Sintering is carried out by compacting powder materials under heat or pressure to form the needed solid parts and components. Some materials that can be utilised in sintering are metals, ceramics, and plastics.

What is great about sintering is it can generate parts with complex shapes. Even without other machining operations, sintering can already produce parts that have simple to complicated specifications and dimensions. Another benefit of sintering is it can achieve high dimensional precision. Sintering can also help in processing parts and products repeatedly without losing any of their quality. Huge quantities of sintered parts and products can likewise be attained by this process.

Sintering can also be beneficial for industries since they do not harm the environment. It can even produce recyclable parts.

The Addition of Graphite

Many materials can be used in carrying out the sintering process. One of these materials is graphite. Graphite is an additive in metal powders that are normally used in producing sintered parts. With its particle size, purity, particle shape, and surface, graphite can enhance the qualities of sintered parts.

What is great about graphite is it can perform excellently in extreme heat and pressure environments. It also boasts a fast heating-cooling cycle and high mechanical strength. It does not also cost a lot, making it an affordable option for industries that need high-quality sintered parts and components. Other benefits of graphite that can be very useful for sintered parts and products include smooth and detect-free surfaces, consistent dimensional change after sintering, and good mixability and flowability.

Metal powders with graphite additive can easily yield sintered parts for automotive and industrial applications. They can also be used in creating consumer goods, carbon brushes, and other sintered parts. Some products generated out of these materials include engine and exhaust components, pumps and hydraulics, transmission and drive train, and bodies.

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