Improve the Longevity of Fasteners through Sintered Washers

July 26, 2021

Some systems have to be assembled properly to allow them to carry out their operations without any issues. As part of their assembly, they would often need washers to support the type of operations that they have to conduct and carry out.

Washers are system components that can keep the fasteners from loosening. These components can likewise distribute the load from the fasteners or machine components to a larger surface area. These working principles of washers make them truly suitable to systems and machines that will be used for a long time. They can also be great for applications in several industries today.

But how do fasteners can take advantage of washers? With well-designed washers, the fasteners are expected to perform effectively and prevent any problems on the machines. Washers that are specifically made through sintering are known to be great with fasteners due to the following reasons.

Effective Vibration Absorption

What is great about sintered washers is that they can be effective in absorbing vibration. Since fasteners are often installed in systems that vibrate whenever they are operating, the washers should be able to withstand the effects of the vibration and absorb it effectively. The remarkable internal microporosity of the sintered washers allows them to be excellent in vibration absorption, preventing other system components from sustaining damages and developing problems.

Notable Load Distribution

The longevity of fasteners is sustained with sintered washers as the latter can be great in distributing the load of the system components and the fasteners. When installed with fasteners, the sintered washers can help the system avoid the possibility of developing some issues as they evenly distribute the load of the fasteners into the surface. Even though sintered washers can be lighter than other types of washers, they can still sustain and distribute a huge amount of load properly.

Remarkable Liquid Protection

Some types of washers can be used to prevent most types of liquids from entering certain parts of systems and ruining the performance of fasteners. Fortunately, sintered washers can also be used in achieving remarkable liquid protection due to their high resistance to wear. Even with continuous exposure to liquid elements, sintered washers can still perform well. They can likewise prevent liquid from infiltrating their surfaces, making them recommended for long-term use.

Excellent Versatility

One more great thing about sintered washers that can help improve the performance of fasteners is that they can be versatile. They have uniform properties and dimensional stability that allow them to be used as a spacer, which can be extremely useful for fasteners that are longer than the depth of an object. Maximising sintered washers before driving the fastener into the object can generate sufficient padding. Doing this ensures that the fastener will not go too deep into the system or machine component.

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