Common Types of Metal Powders and their Uses

October 11, 2021

When it comes to parts and products, industries such as automotive, electronics, and material processing turn to those that are made from metal powders.

Metal powders, after all, can effectively generate parts and products that boast simple to complicated form factors. The use of metal powders in creating these things can make the overall production process faster thanks to their high production rate. Utilising metal powders in creating parts and products is also beneficial for many industries as it does not require high labour and machining costs.

Generally, metals around the world may come from different base materials. Hence, metal powders can also come in different materials. Here are some of the most common types of metal powders and their notable uses or applications.

Aluminium Powder

One of the most common types of metal powders today is aluminium powder. Just like the base aluminium material, the aluminium powder can be versatile since different industries can take advantage of its accompanying properties. Aluminium powder is known for its resistance to pressure, extreme temperatures, corrosion, and impact. It also has low weight, making it great for applications that are sensitive to load. Generally, aluminium powder can be used in creating fireworks and explosives. However, it can also be used in producing automotive and machine parts, paints, and sealants.

Iron Powder

Iron powder is another type of metal powder that is being maximised by a lot of industries. What is great about products made from iron powder is that they can be extremely durable. They can likewise work well with heat and extreme temperatures. The iron powder itself can be applied to certain parts and components to generate enough amount of friction. One notable application of iron powder includes the generation of magnetic and friction products. It can also be utilised in the welding industry and serve as the main element for surface coating, dyes, and stains.

Tin Powder

Tin powders can be grouped according to their physical properties. Some grades of tin powders can be utilised in spray-on applications to effectively provide resistance to corrosion. Other grades of tin powders can likewise be maximised in producing high-powered magnets. Even self-lubricating bearings can be made from tin powder. Tin powders are being used in these applications since they do not oxidise quickly. They can even prevent strong acids, acid salts, and alkalis from destroying their core structure.

Zinc Powder

Ultimately, zinc powder is a type of powder metal that can be used to manufacture galvanised steel. It can also be maximised to generate special types of paints and plate other metal types. This specific type of powder can even be used for precision die casting. Zinc powder is maximised in many manufacturing processes as it can provide enhanced dimensional, improved impact strength, and notable corrosion resistance. Products made from zinc powder can also last for a long time, which can provide industries significant savings in terms of replacements and maintenance costs.

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