Bearings Made from Powdered Metals

July 26, 2022

Generators, refrigerators, and other types of machines utilise moving mechanical parts to ensure that they can operate optimally. As their internal components move and perform their intended functions, they can eventually come into contact with each other, which can then lead to their deterioration.

To prevent these moving mechanical parts from getting damaged easily, they must be maximised with bearings. Bearings are machine elements that can minimise friction between moving mechanical parts. They can likewise work by constraining the relative motion of the components to only the intended motion. These helpful components can be usually found between stationary and rotating parts.

Many materials can be used in making bearings. Some of them include carbon steel, chrome steel, and polymer plastic. But one more material that is applicable for bearings is powdered metal.

The Processes of Powder Metallurgy

Powdered metal is a product generated within the processes generated by powder metallurgy. Through atomisation, molten metal is broken down by a specific type of fluid or inert gas before solidifying into a powder. The powdered metal is then transferred into a mould so it can be compressed further by the powder metallurgy specialist. The compression process will ultimately transform the powdered metals into the intended density and shape of a part or component.

Many adjustments can be made to ensure that powdered metal products can boast specific traits and properties. For one, powdered metals can be mixed with other materials to improve their mechanical properties. The finished products can likewise be sintered, providing them with enhanced durability, strength, and porosity. All these properties are crucial in manufacturing reliable bearings.

Perks of Powdered Metal Bearings

There are tons of perks and benefits associated with powdered metals that make them effective in producing high-quality bearings. Some of these perks are as follows.

  • Exceptional Surface: One perk of powdered metals is they can provide an excellent surface finish to the bearings. When processed optimally, these materials can easily yield bearings with a superior finish, making their surface not only appealing but also resistant to wear and corrosion. The improved strength of their surfaces allows bearings to be utilised in many machines today.
  • Superior Porosity: Another perk of powdered metals is they can boast superior porosity. Once powdered metals are processed, their overall finish can be more porous than other materials. The quality of their finish allows them to absorb lubricants, allowing manufacturers to obtain self-lubricating bearings.
  • High Performance: Powder metals can be combined with other materials, allowing them to produce bearings that can perform excellently under different environments. Their microstructure can also be controlled precisely, which grants them better performance when used within specific temperature ranges.
  • Assured Cost-Effectiveness: Powder metals do not only provide exceptional surface, superior porosity, and high performance to the bearings, but they can also offer assured cost-effectiveness to the users of bearings. Processing powdered metal bearings do not require a lot of machining, making them more affordable to obtain than other types of bearings.

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