A Useful Guide to Selecting the Best Bearing for Your Application

May 10, 2021

A bearing is a machine element that can effectively support the rotation of the shaft inside a machine or device. Through this specific element, it can easily reduce the friction between the rotating shaft and other involved parts. It can likewise make the rotation smoother as well as maintain the position of the rotating shaft. All these functions of a bearing make it suitable for machines and devices that have wheels, gears, turbines, rotors, and other similar components.

Bearings can be made from different materials. They can likewise be grouped according to their working principles. Given the wide array of bearings that are available in the market today, industries have to ensure that they use the right type of bearings for their applications.

If you are currently looking for the correct type of bearing for your application, then here are some factors that you must consider and think about.


One factor that you must consider in selecting the best bearing for your application is its size. The shaft diameter varies from one application to another. And if you have not accounted for the design requirements and specifications of your machine or other related things, then your bearing will certainly be incompatible with your application. Choose the size of your bearing wisely to avoid any issues and problems along the way.

Bearing Load

The bearing load can be determined in many ways. One way to measure bearing load is through its radial load, which is the amount of load that acts perpendicularly to the shaft. The axial load can also measure the bearing load as it determined the forces acting in parallel with the shaft. The combination of these loads creates a moment or combined load. All these load types must be handled by the bearing optimally to sustain the performance of the involved machines and devices.

Speed Limit

Another crucial factor in choosing the best bearing for your application is its speed limitations. Bearings often have specified speed limits and speed range, allowing industries to select the best bearings according to their requirements. One connected variable when assessing the speed limit and speed range of a bearing is lubrication. Bearings with the appropriate kind and amount of lubrication can provide high-speed performance throughout their service life.


Machines and devices often generate heat during their operations. Hence, you must choose a bearing that can respond to the heat appropriately for it to effectively work even after utilising it for a long time. Alternatively, a bearing can also generate heat throughout its use. Therefore, you must choose lubrication that can maintain optimal operations and is attuned to the operating temperatures of the bearing. After all, its parts might deteriorate when exposed to too much heat.

Other factors that you should consider in choosing your bearings include sealing, durability, and maintenance. To know more about appropriate bearings for your applications, feel free to contact us at PM Distributors. We are a company based in Dandenong South, Victoria, Australia, that provides first-class service and bearings for your place of business or establishment.


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